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Great Power as the industry leading battery specialist for 20 years in Guangdong,China,our engineers and workers manufactures a wide ranges of Industrial Batteries,Automotive Batteries,Motorcycle Batteries usage for all most all applications in the Automotive,
Powersports,and manufacturing industries .we guarantee high quality,fast delivery
and the most reliable services to all our valued customers.

Battery Applications

GP batteries can be used in many different ways. They can be used in all applications where we have so far, used lead-acid batteries. GP ba- -tteries can be used in almost all applications in the automotive and manufacturing industries and outdoors and powersports, for back-up and cyclic and starting use.
Engine starting, Car/Truck, Tractor, Motorcycle, Toys, Alarm Systems,Security systems, Uninterruptible power supplies, Emergency lighting, Med- -ical Equipment, Electronic instruments, Solar and wind systems, Telecommunication equipment, Material Handling; Floor Machine, Recreatio- -nal Vehicle(RV), Industrial; Electric Boats, Golf/Utility Electric Vehicle, Wheelchairs, Military Equipment Communication equipment, Telecom- -munication systems, Electronic cash registers, Microprocessor based office machine, Other standby power supplies, Marine equipment, act.


    [Positive Plates ] are made from special lead-calcium alloy grids in which they are pasted with positive active material. [ Negative Plates]are made from special lead-calcium alloy grids in which they are pasted with negative active material...
    (1) When the batteries are mounted in the equipment, exercise caution to insure easy checking, maintenance and battery replace ability. In addition, the batteries should be located in the lowest part of the equipment as possible...
    When not in use,a battery discharges on a daily basic sometimes up to 0.5-1%. This rate of discharge increases when the climate is warm. To make up for this loss from disuse, connect your battery to...
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